Security Batteries

Protecting your assets requires security systems operating 24/7, no matter the condition of your electrical supply. The Conext SW and XW+ inverter/chargers combined with professional or premium series batteries bring reliable backup power to your security systems, ensuring your assets are always protected.

Renewable Energy Batteries

For off-grid and backup power applications, battery energy storage requires the greatest proportion of total system investment. To protect your investment, Canadian Energy offers a wide range of energy storage solutions. Tubular or Flat Plate. Flooded, AGM or Gel. Long cycle and design life, high power, light weight, and maintenance-free, we have you covered. Keep the lights on and the power running; rely on Canadian Energy.

Discover's line of OPz tubular batteries provide the ultimate in cycle and design life. Offering 2750 cycles at 50% DOD, a 20 year design life, featuring tubular positive plates which minimize active material shedding and electrode corrosion and sliding pole technology, OPz tubular batteries are your only option for critical power applications. Comes in both Gel and Flooded ranging from 500-4500 Ahr in 2V cells and 6V blocks. Covered by industry leading 4 year free, 8 year total warranty.

The Discover line of SOPz tubular batteries are ideal for frequent cycling applications. At a lower upfront cost relative to OPz batteries, SOPz also offers tubular positive plates and sliding pole technology, capable of delivering 2300 cycles at 50% DOD and an 18 year design life. Additionally, SOPz offers industry leading lowest mass and volume per unit energy. Comes in both Gel and Flooded options, ranging from 250 to 2300 Ahr, in 2V cells and 12V blocks, and 24 V systems. Covered by industry leading 4 year free, 8 year total warranty.

For applications where upfront cost and quality must be balanced, Canadian Energy has complete options for US battery flooded and Discover Energy maintainenance free AGM batteries. Coming in a variety of voltages (2, 6, and 12V), ranging from 150 to 1300 Ahr, Canadian Energy has you covered.

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The Xantrex brand, is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology. Xantrex products are used in a variety of applications in the RV, marine, military, construction, EMS, bus, work service vehicle and commercial truck markets. With more than three decades of design, engineering and manufacturing experience backed by Schneider Electric’s global infrastructure, Xantrex power solutions offer an enviable mix of advanced technology and unmatched bankability.


Discover is a manufacturer of batteries for worldwide distribution, who works with world-leading manufacturers to supply advanced battery technology. Discover's insight, combined with their extensive market knowledge, drives them to innovate and optimize battery technology for worldwide distribution through a trusted network of partners. Their superior products work to eliminate user related issues, reduce maintenance costs, and provide measurable productivity and performance gains while meeting the world's demand for quality power within lower economic and environmental footprints.

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