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Jan 14, 2019

Discover’s MIXTECH EMX, MIXTECH EFB and MIXTECH EGM batteries combine the latest electrochemical advancements in battery technology with exclusive and patented 360° acid mixing technology to produce the most significant improvement in performance, reliability and life in starting, lighting and ignition batteries in 50 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Batteries (FAQ)

Jan 14, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions About Batteries (FAQ)

Is it legal to live off the grid in Canada?

Jan 14, 2019

When one thinks about living “off the grid”, they might think it’s a weekend away at a cottage or a camping trip to Algonquin Park or Banff National Park with no cell service. But for many Canadians living in urban or suburban centres, it’s about taking control over soaring hydro bills while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint.

AGM VS Flooded Batteries - What you need to know

Aug 02, 2018

You most likely operate your vehicle, workplace equipment or renewable energy systems with batteries that are rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries account for nearly half of worldwide battery sales. Within the rechargeable battery category, there are many different types of chemistries that are used. The most proven type of chemistry is the lead acid chemistry.

The Best of Inverter 101 Video Q&A

May 03, 2018

Our Canadian Energy Inverter 101 video is by far one of our most popular videos on our YouTube Channel and currently sits at 400,000 views. Over the past 4 years we have generated a lot of great questions and answers and thought we'd condense them down to one "Best Of" blog post. Please enjoy!

Why Is Summer Bad for Car Batteries?

Apr 09, 2018

You might think that your car battery’s worst enemy is Old Man Winter. In fact, vehicle batteries are almost more likely fail in the summer, but it doesn’t have to happen right in the middle of your big road trip.

Battery technology will define the future of renewable energy

Apr 06, 2018

It is an exciting time to be involved in energy innovation. There have been developments on multiple fronts at the consumer level with the introduction of new models of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, and perhaps more importantly, at the utility level with massive commercial investments in renewable energy generation and storage technologies.

B2B Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Mar 26, 2018

When a brand shows it doesn't always take itself too seriously, it's a powerful way to demonstrate authenticuty and confidence. 

Electronic Testers

Mar 05, 2018

Today’s subject is about electronic load testers for lead-acid starting batteries. There are many different types of electronic testers available on the market today.

Common Ratings for Starting Lighting Ignition (SLI) Lead-acid Batteries in North America

Feb 13, 2018

The most common term for describing the amount of power a starting battery will deliver is CCA or cold cranking amp. This is a measurement of how much power the battery will deliver for 15 seconds at -17.8C. They are several other different cranking amp and hot cranking amp ratings, and the difference is the temperature at which they are rated, these are always higher than CCA.  

Testing Batteries with a Carbon Pile Load Tester

Feb 06, 2018

Today we are covering carbon pile load testers. We use carbon pile load testers for load testing lead-acid starting lighting ignition batteries.

When Should I Use a Deep Cycle Battery?

Feb 01, 2018

Our topic today is deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are batteries that are designed for discharging and recharging such as in RV application, golf cart, floor scrubber, or electric vehicle. Deep cycle batteries as a rule should not be discharged below 80% depth of discharge. So, if a batteries rated at 100 Amp Hour as a rule we should not remove more than 80 Amp Hour from that battery or we're going to damage the battery and we're not going to get as many cycles out of it. 

Recycled Battery (Scrap) Handling

Jan 22, 2018

The handling and transportation of scrap and car lead acid batteries falls under the Dangerous Goods regulations and Transport Canada regulations. It's important when we're handling scrap and car lead acid batteries that we wear the proper protective equipment, rubber boots, rubber apron, gloves, goggles or eye shield to protect us from any errant acid spills.

Grid Defection Isn’t a Reason to Fight Distributed Energy—It’s a Reason to Embrace It

Jan 08, 2018

Grid defection is not the utility-industry bogeyman that it once was.

‘Instantly rechargeable’ battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles

Jan 02, 2018

New technology could provide an 'instantly rechargeable' method that is safe, affordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries through a quick and easy process similar to refueling a car at a gas station.

Flooded versus AGM Batteries?

Dec 04, 2017

So, what are some of the similarities and differences?

What’s the Difference Between CCA and CA?

Nov 28, 2017

We're talking about cranking batteries today, or otherwise known as engine starting batteries. 

Different Types of Battery Terminals

Nov 14, 2017

Whether you're wondering about side terminals developed for General Motors and Chevrolet vehicles, the SAE automotive posts which are the number-one most popular terminal type in North America for batteries, or the 3/8" threaded stainless steel terminal for the highway truck such as International, Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo -we have the answers.

Preparing Your Batteries for Winter

Nov 06, 2017

Well, here we are in November, our short summer is behind us, and we are now looking to what many predict as a long, cold and snowy Canadian winter. Our options to deal with this infamous Canadian winter is to load up and head to warmer parts in the Southern USA or Mexico or get prepared and face it head-on and get winterized.

10 Canadian Slang Words You Should Know

Nov 03, 2017

Before heading to the Great White North, there’s something you should know – we talk funny. Not in the humourous sense, but because of our copious use of Canadian slang.

How Does a Lead Acid Battery Work?

Nov 02, 2017

Every lead-acid battery contains 3 or 6 individual compartments within it's casing, depending on whether the battery is a 6 or 12-volt. So, within each individual compartment contains a series of positive and negative plates.  

Battery Care and Maintenance

Oct 26, 2017

One of the most commonly overlooked things when it comes to lead acid batteries is care and maintenance. So, what are some of the things that we can do to properly care and maintain our battery? 

Power Can be an Issue in Heavy Cycling Applications

Oct 18, 2017

With winter weather just around the corner we will be entering the season for floor scrubbers and the requirement for replacing batteries and chargers. Historically this industry is fraught with the misdiagnosis of batteries issues and why they fail, the following article was posted by US Battery and touches on one of the issues.

Lithium Battery Advantages

Oct 02, 2017

It’s interesting how we can often talk about and promote a product but don’t take the time to fully understand its capabilities or appreciate the benefits that it will deliver, here is an example from one of our customers a few days ago.

MIXTECH Batteries

Sep 13, 2017

Discover Battery offers a premier line of maintenance-free automotive and commercial batteries designed to provide superior performance, greater reliability and longer life in Commercial Transport / Transit and automotive start-stop applications. We call it MIXTECH.

The State of Off-grid Solar in Canada

Aug 01, 2017

Trailblazers in the renewable energy industry are making it easier and more affordable to bring solar, battery, and other clean energy technologies into consumers' homes, cottages, and remote communities. But what does it mean to be truly “off-grid”, and what are the trends shaping this growing industry? We reached out to Brian Pasquill, Solar Specialty Channel Manager with Schneider Electric, for an illuminating industry perspective...

Top 10 Myths About Solar Debunked!

Jul 31, 2017

There is a lot of myths and misinformation about solar. We're here to set the record straight and give you the straight goods. 

Choosing the Correct Marine Battery

Jul 20, 2017

With so many options in battery types and ratings it can be confusing trying to figure out what is the best battery for your boat. Choosing the correct product is dependent on the job the battery will have to perform.

Canada’s Clean Energy Leaders Poised for Global Opportunities

Jun 12, 2017

The skies are clear for Canada's renewable energy industry. Global trends and a glowing reputation have positioned the Great Green North as a leader in clean energy technologies, opening the doors for Canadian firms both at home and abroad. 

Modified Sine Inverters

Jun 12, 2017

Our topic today is modified sine wave inverters. So what is a modified sine wave inverter?

Inverter Installation Requirements

Jun 12, 2017

We're getting a lot of inquiries these days on inverter installation. What are some of the things that we need to take into consideration when installing an inverter? 

Low Frequency Inverters

Jun 12, 2017

So what are the characteristics or differences in low-frequency or transformer-based inverters? 

True Sine Inverters

Jun 12, 2017

Our topic is true sine wave Inverters or pure sine wave inverters. So what is a true sine inverter?

High Frequency Inverters

Jun 12, 2017

So what's the difference between a high-frequency inverter than a low-frequency inverter? Well, essentially, from a physical standpoint, they are smaller and lighter than a low-frequency inverter. 

Lifespan of Batteries

Jun 12, 2017

Since the early 1980’s with the introduction of envelope separators and advanced grid plate designs, junk battery studies show that the average age of batteries in non-cycling engine starting applications, in northern climates like Canada, is approximately 59 months (just shy of 5 years) in new vehicles.  This number has continued fairly consistent over the past 25 years with some studies showing the average age of ‘old batteries’ as high as 64 months in the same climates. This longer life could be due to the introduction of smaller engine displacements, gear reduction starters and fuel injection systems, all of which decrease the demands placed on engine starting batteries. This trend of increased life however has now come to an end.

Inverter Mounting Considerations

Jun 12, 2017

We're getting a lot of questions again on inverter installations so we're going to try and answer some of those. It's really tough to draw a graphic on this one but one of the questions we're getting is: Where do I install my inverter? 

Intro to Xantrex

Jun 12, 2017

Xantrex is a pioneer in the inverter and the inverter charger business. They were building inverters before inverters were really a thing, so if you're looking for somebody who's bankable and been around for many years, certainly Xantrex has been a leader in the inverter business for many years.

Meet Ryan Thirkettle!

Jun 12, 2017

Meet Ryan Thirkettle!

Meet Rob Lussier

May 31, 2017

13 Questions for Rob

Fueling Canada’s Renewable Energy Industry Through Better Financing Options

Mar 03, 2017

Wide-scale adoption of renewable energy technologies is currently being halted by a lack of access to effective payment options. This is what we're doing about it.

The Evolution of the Transit Bus

Mar 03, 2017

Most of us don’t realize, as we are riding public transit to or from work, how technologically advanced the vehicles we are riding have become.

Lithium Productivity

Mar 03, 2017

In our ongoing series on lithium batteries, our topic today is lithium productivity.

Lithium Battery Management System

Mar 03, 2017

What is the purpose of the BMS or the Battery Management System?

Lithium Battery Containers

Mar 03, 2017

Lithium Containers: What do they come in? What do they look like?

Lithium Battery Cells

Mar 03, 2017

Lithium batteries and battery packs and what's in them.

Lithium Features & Benefits

Mar 03, 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages or lithium battery technology? Find out here!

Mythbusting: Automotive non-starts

Mar 03, 2017

Many of us are experiencing these deep freeze conditions and problems with our cars starting, it’s common to hear people say that the cold weather has ruined their battery.  

Canada Poised to Become Energy Innovation Leader

Mar 03, 2017

Significant advances are being made in Canada where industry players are taking advantage of the unique geography and demand for energy storage to bring their own game-changers to the market.

Canadian Energy looks to bring Power back to the People

Mar 03, 2017

CUB 2.0 aims to help remote communities control their own destiny through affordable, consistent energy

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Mar 03, 2017

We often get asked, ‘how can I hook up my lights with battery power?’, to which the answer is more simple than you’d think

FR-Canada Poised to Become Energy Innovation Leader

Feb 24, 2017

FRENCH - Significant advances are being made in Canada where industry players are taking advantage of the unique geography and demand for energy storage to bring their own game-changers to the market.

Canada Poised to Become Energy Innovation Leader

Dec 15, 2016

Significant advances are being made in Canada where industry players are taking advantage of the unique geography and demand for energy storage to bring their own game-changers to the market.

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Dec 06, 2016

We often get asked, ‘how can I hook up my lights with battery power?’, to which the answer is more simple than you’d think

Is your Snowmobile Ready for Winter?

Nov 30, 2016

Did you give that battery a good charge and test when you dusted off your machine? 

Electric Vehicle Battery Maintenance

Nov 04, 2016

For your electric vehicle, golf cart or floor scrubber to operate as it designed, your batteries need to be properly maintained and charged. 

Energy Storage Ready for Prime Time in Remote Communities

Sep 30, 2016

Renewable energy combined with energy storage is at a tipping point, according to Canadian Energy chief executive Craig Ballard. In an interview with Canadian Green Tech earlier this September, he explained that in addition to being technical viable, it presents positive economic value for remote communities looking to kick the diesel habit.

Preparing Your RV Batteries for a Long Winter

Sep 15, 2016

If you want your batteries in top shape for when you fire up the RV in the summer, you need to make sure they’re properly prepared and stored over the winter.

Finding New Markets for Canada’s Clean Energy Tech

Aug 10, 2016

Canada's affinity for innovation and green technology has made it a global steward for clean energy solutions. It's this reputation that has motivated renewable energy leaders within its borders to share their products and ideas with international markets in a bid to expand their footprint and promote environmental change.

Living Off-Grid 101 - Upkeep and Maintenance

Jul 08, 2016

Now you've got all the components of your system in place and ready to start working for you! In order to ensure the performance and longevity of your system, these are some simple maintenance and upkeep tips.

Living Off-Grid 101 - Battery Monitors and Control Panels

Jul 08, 2016

If you have a battery bank for your off-grid system, you'll need a battery monitor. This device measures the amps going in and out of the batteries from different charge sources. It allows you to configure and control the DOD of the batteries which helps to maximize battery life.

Living Off-Grid 101 - Automatic Generator Start

Jul 08, 2016

Off-grid living without any other ties is the goal, but its likely that you'll deploy a backup generator for those 'just in case' scenarios. If you have a generator, the AGS functions to start and stop the generator based on battery voltage, charging batteries when needed.

Choosing an Inverter for your RV

Jun 20, 2016

With summer upon us and the kids getting out of school, the RV’s are being pulled out of storage and readied for their summer adventures. Many are contemplating inverters to keep all those AC devices powered up and the kids entertained, the dilemma is always what brand, size, and type of inverter to purchase.

Canadian Energy Wins CanSIA Game Changer Award 2016

May 17, 2016

Canadian Energy, in partnership with Solar Ship Inc and Legacy Building Solutions, wins CanSIA's Game Changer Award for Solar PV Project of the Year!

Battery Powered Hockey Chairs

Apr 25, 2016

Volt Hockey is an accessible form of hockey, played in a specially designed battery powered Hockey Sport Chair, by people with a variety of disabilities. It began in Denmark and quickly spread to other Scandinavian countries and grew to over 50 teams. And now, it has come to Canada!

Living Off-Grid 101 - Solar Charge Controllers

Apr 21, 2016

What is a solar charge controller? What does it do for my off-grid system? Why do I need one? All these answers and more in this video about solar charge controllers as a critical component to off-grid solar systems.

Living Off-Grid 101 - Solar Panel Racking and Mounting

Apr 21, 2016

Maximizing sun harvest is the most important consideration when it comes to solar panels. You have to think about where you'll put them, what direction they'll face, and what angle will allow for the most sun exposure. We discuss these details and different types of panel mounts in this video on panel mounting and racking.

Living Off-Grid 101 - What You Need to Make it Work

Apr 21, 2016

Every off-grid system requires a lot of parts to get it up and running smoothly. This video will provide a detailed list of most things you'll need for your system. All of them are available through Canadian Energy - just contact us if you're interested in getting your own off-grid system setup!

Tubular Battery Techology 101

Mar 10, 2016

Tubular Plate Battery Technology falls within both flooded and gel battery types. These batteries are typically used in renewable, off-grid, critical power configurations and backup system applications.  Tubular Plate Battery Technology provides the industry's longest life and largest capacity energy storage options by utilizing a tubular shaped positive grid that is surrounded in active material and encapsulated in a fiber gauntlet.

Gel Batteries 101

Feb 11, 2016

Typical flat plate Gel batteries consist of a series of positive and negative plates grouped together in a cell surrounded by a thixotropic gel with a consistency similar to Jell-O.

Warning - Lithium-Ion Batteries Pose Harmful Threat when Mixed with Lead-Acid Scrap

Feb 09, 2016

This is an URGENT warning initiated by Battery Council International (BCI) regarding Lithium-Ion batteries mixed in with scrap/recycled lead-acid batteries.  

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries 101

Jan 20, 2016

There are many different types of batteries within the Lead Acid Battery category and each are designed for a specific purpose and application to ensure the product performs and meets its expected life.  

Lead Acid Batteries: Types & Technologies

Jan 12, 2016

Lead acid batteries today come in many variations. They are commonly referred to as flooded, AGM, Gel, deep cycle, traction, marine, UPS, tubular plate, maintenance-free, valve regulated, motive power and the list goes on.  This article breaks up lead acid batteries into three categories based on the type of electrolyte suspension within the battery.

Can My Building go Off-Grid?

Dec 09, 2015

The question often comes up about the viability of running commercial operations off-grid on stand-alone solar, inverter and battery systems. Although every system and application is unique and different it is absolutely possible to do this.

Your Battery Hates Winter Too

Nov 05, 2015

Our engines need to start when we require them to: no exceptions. Whether it’s getting you to work in the morning or getting the kids to school on time you need to trust that your vehicle will get you there. This is why it’s important that our vehicle’s battery is in a proper state of health and ready to deliver the power required to start the engine in any and all weather conditions.

Change Required

Oct 26, 2015

The DC power requirements for transit bus applications today are very different than they were only 10 years ago. So, when it comes to powering these vehicles, change is required; in our way of thinking and in battery technology. 

Inverter DC Disconnect

Jun 16, 2015

This week, we want to point out the requirement for installing a DC disconnect with every Conext SW or XW inverter.

DC to DC Converter Opportunities

Apr 28, 2015

So, what do you do when your voltage is different than the accessory voltage?

The Heart of Your Mobile Power

Feb 27, 2015

Devices & equipment have become an integral part of our lives. It can get complicated - especially when it comes to power on the go...

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