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Meet Leah MacDonald

May 31, 2019

13 Questions for Leah

Meet Grace Cyr

Apr 30, 2019

13 Questions for Grace

Meet Rowena Bayas

Mar 28, 2019

13 Questions for Rowena

Meet Ian Greenway

Jan 31, 2019

13 Questions for Ian

Meet Kelly Sauerberg

Jan 02, 2019

13 Questions for Kelly

Meet Dean Smurthwaite

Dec 05, 2018

13 Questions for Dean

Meet Dave Chuckrowski

Oct 31, 2018

13 Questions for Dave

Meet Mark Sauer

Sep 28, 2018

13 Questions for Mark

Meet Dale Pearson

Aug 31, 2018

13 Questions for Dale

Meet John Vanden Broek

Jul 31, 2018

13 Questions for John

Meet Shawn Sauer

Jun 29, 2018

13 Questions for Shawn

Meet Andrew MacLellan

May 31, 2018

13 Questions for Andrew

Meet Roxanne

Apr 30, 2018

13 Questions for Roxanne

Meet Becca Dunford

Apr 02, 2018

13 Questions for Becca

Meet Warren Wilmot

Feb 28, 2018

13 Questions for Warren

Meet Brad Clowes

Feb 01, 2018

13 Questions for Brad

Meet Iain Fudge

Oct 31, 2017

13 Questions for Iain

Meet Chris Mitchell

Sep 29, 2017

13 Questions for Chris

Meet Derek Hubler

Aug 30, 2017

13 Questions for Derek

Meet Adam Brown

Jul 31, 2017

13 Questions for Adam - Our Western Canadian Renewable Energy Sales Manager.

Meet Keith Terry

Jun 30, 2017

13 Questions for Keith

Meet Rob Lussier

May 31, 2017

13 Questions for Rob

Meet Anthony Cuthbert

Mar 31, 2017

Meet Anthony Cuthbert, our Operations Manager in Kelowna.

Meet Kevin Emo

Mar 03, 2017

Meet Kevin Emo, our Senior Branch Associate & Outside Sales at the Red Deer branch!

Meet JoAnne Knight

Mar 02, 2017

A bit more about JoAnne Knight from our Edmonton Branch!

Meet Mark Gibson

Dec 01, 2016

Mark is our Branch Manager in Markham, Ontario. He is responsible for the Ontario market and the branch P&L, with it’s operations and sales teams. Mark is basically involved in everything that goes on in Ontario - it's big job!

Meet Ian Potter

Oct 31, 2016

Ian is a Territory Manager for our Toronto branch. Ian believes the best thing about coming to work everyday is having an opportunity to be successful. Sales will always provide an opportunity for challenge, learning, growth and success.

Meet Rob Tribe

Oct 03, 2016

Rob is our Vice-President National Accounts, he looks after all CE's Major National Accounts across Canada and drives new business development at the same time.

Meet Luciano Forchilli

Aug 31, 2016

Luciano is the Branch Manager at our Montréal location, his personal mantra is "You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing."

Meet Mark Grnak

Jul 28, 2016

Mark is our Territory Manager in Ontario, his mission is to develop and grow our company in the centre of the universe!

Meet Larry Squires

Jul 07, 2016

Larry is our operations supervisor, responsible for ordering, banking, invoicing – all the very important day to day things that help keep things running smoothly.

Meet Matt Sauer

May 31, 2016

Matt is our Supply Chain Manager which means he is in charge of purchasing for the company. Matt is responsible for making sure we have the correct amount of inventory in stock at both our Calgary and Newmarket distribution centres.

Meet Daniel Valdes

Apr 29, 2016

Meet Daniel Valdes. Daniel is our Renewable Project Coordinator which he likes to think of as Centre Midfielder - couldn't agree more, he is crucial in keeping projects moving forward and connecting relevant team members!

Meet Karen Woitas

Mar 30, 2016

Meet Karen Woitas. As Operations Manager, Karen works with multiple departments from purchasing to sales to accounting, all with one goal in mind – Fulfilling customer satisfaction!"

Meet Craig Ballard

Mar 01, 2016

Meet Craig Ballard. Craig is our CEO and fearless leader. Craig's role is first and foremost to find and empower great people to do their best work, and then to make sure that we are providing the most value in the market to our customers. That is no easy task!

Meet Dave Cartwright

Jan 29, 2016

Meet Dave Cartwright. Dave is our Director of Marketing and Communications, his role is to create an overall go-to-market strategy that connects our people, products & services to the heads & hearts of our customer’s through integrated marketing strategies.

Meet Chad Warren

Jan 05, 2016

Meet Chad Warren. Chad is our Regional Manager for Atlantic Canada. He prides himself on ensuring that our company's values are central to our decision making in Atlantic Canada, and to always be there for our customers and staff, what ever the reason.

Meet Huang Iu

Dec 01, 2015

Meet Huang Iu. Huang is a Senior Engineer at Canadian Energy and he's pretty darn good at what he does!

Meet Shane!

Oct 26, 2015

Meet Shane. He's our Director of Supply Chain & Information Technology and has been with Canadian Energy for fifteen years.

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