CUB 2.0 Containerized Universal Battery

The Containerized Universal Battery (CUB) combines the best energy storage, power conversion and control systems into a standard 20 foot shipping container.

CUB 2.0 is designed to endure the most extreme environments, and provide robust power and energy storage for off-grid, grid-support, battery back up and renewable energy applications.

  • Advantages over CUB 1.0

  • Larger & redesigned 20’ container
  • FarmingTurnkey system is easier to install and service
  • Increased storage capacity with lithium batteries
  • Manages power flow and stores energy within a single insulated and serviceable shipping container
Exterior Dimensions • Length 20 ft x Width 8 ft x Height 8 ft 6 in (up to 22ft length with HVAC)
Interior Climate Controls • Fully automated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
• Interior fully insulated to R20 value
Power I/o Voltage • Compatible with many worldwide single and three phase systems
Continuous Power Ratings • 54 kW at 120/208 VAC 3 Phase
Available Batteries • Tubular Flooded or Tubular Gel, Lithium
Energy Storage • 270 kWhr energy storage capacity at 1C rate, 100% usable energy, utilizing Lithium Nanophosphate Technology
Battery Cycle Life • Capable of more than 5000 cycles at 1C rate and 23oC
Max Dc Coupled Solar • Can connect more than 75 kW solar PV at 600 VDC max
Ambient Operating Temperatures • -40° C to +50° C
Features • Cloud Energy NetworkTM architecture allows mulitple containers to be connected together and operate as one
• On board battery management system ensures safe and efficient operation of batteries
• Built in wireless modem enables remote diagnostics, monitoring, controls, and data logging
• Connectivity and customizable controls over Modbus RS485
• Automated generator controls
• Modular architecture, easy to repair and service
• Built in fire suppression system
• Compliant with UL 1741, CSA22.2, UN38.3
• External access panels for simplified installation



Featured Partners

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s brand of off-grid inverters, the Conext SW and XW, are there to meet all your off-grid and back-up power needs. Now with the Conext Combox, the power to monitor and control your system remotely is at your fingertips.

Discover Energy

Discover Energy is a manufacturer of batteries for worldwide distribution, who works with world-leading manufacturers to supply advanced battery technology. Discover's insight, combined with their extensive market knowledge, drives them to innovate and optimize battery technology for worldwide distribution through a trusted network of partners. Their superior products work to eliminate user related issues, reduce maintenance costs, and provide measurable productivity and performance gains while meeting the world's demand for quality power within lower economic and environmental footprints.