Burnbrae Farms Inc.

Rather than a expensive utility upgrade to the site which would include upgrading and installing new hydro lines, that the customer would not own, yet would continually pay unpredictable power rates on, the customer chose to build their own power generation asset(s).

Phase 1: The CUB 3.0 was designed to operate in a micro grid / off-grid / self consumption three phase mode. The system was designed to provide prime power to a critical farm/poultry facility. It's connected to 600kw of solar PV, 2 x additional hydra inverter for redundancy and  a diesel genset for additional power generation and redundancy. Phase 1 of the system is 100% off-grid and self consumption is a three phase mode.

Start Date: October 01, 2017
Location: Oxford County, ON
Application(s): Agriculture