Public & Government

Municipalities and governments employ a multitude of different vehicle types to carry out the daily functions required to run cities. We have batteries, chargers and power solutions for any and every type of fleet from trucks and sprinters to heavy-duty equipment and recreation vehicles, getting all your batteries and accessories from one place makes maintenance easy. We also offer full renewable energy solutions for grid-tie solar, grid backup and community electrification. Streamline efficiencies and eliminate downtime by finding the right solution for any sector of public & government operations.

Industry Segments:
  • Vehicle Fleets
  • Industrial
  • Cities & municipalities
  • Coast Guard / National Defense
  • Highway Transport
  • Remote Communities
  • Off-grid remote power
  • Grid Tie
  • Grid Backup
  • Sump pump backup
  • Community electrification
  • Traffic signals
  • Health care
  • Recreation

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