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In a business where time is money and reliability is everything, make sure you have the proper battery for your team’s work truck. We’ve got starting batteries to get you going and deep cycle batteries and inverters to power your air compressors, bucket/crane/hoist, recharge your handled tools and more. Get rid of that noisy generator, and increase efficiency by making sure you’re installing batteries and mobile power systems that are Canada Proof.


Features & Benefits

  • Technical service and support (Authorized Service Centre for Xantrex Products)
  • Full line of CSA and UL 458 certified inverters and inverter/chargers available in modified and pure sine wave
  • All battery sizes available in AGM footprints to eliminate acid spillage and gassing
  • Multiple additional product lines & accessories
  • High quality products with a lower overall cost of ownership
Work Truck Battery
What inverter is right for me 

There are two different types of inverters and inverter/chargers, high frequency and transformer-based. High frequency units are not intended to start inductive loads or run constant high-wattage loads, they should be used to run applications such as power tools, electronics, or lights. Transformer-based units can handle heavy motor loads and large in-rushes of current from applications such as compressors, bucket heaters, and pumps. When operating sensitive electronics and charging cordless tools, you should choose a true sine wave option. A modified sine wave can be used for operating most nonvariable speed tools, and resistive loads.

Featured Product Selection for Utility Vehicle Mobile Power Solutions


Type Model / Brand Part Number Wave Form Output Charger Warranty
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom SW 815-3102 True Sine 3000W 150 amp 24 Months
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom 458 81-2530-12 Modified 2500W 130 amp 30 Months
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom HF 806-1840 Modified 1800W 40 amp 24 Months
Inverter Xantrex Xpower 813-5000-UL Modified 4000W N/A 12 Months
Inverter Xantrex PROwatt SW 806-1220 True Sine 1800W N/A 24 Months
Charger Xantrex True Charge 2** 804-1240-02 - 12VDC 40 amp 24 Months
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** This charger is available in 20, 40 and 60 AMP. Also there are 24V models with 10, 20 and 30 amp chargers.

Utility Truck

There is a laundry list of reasons why a generator is not a practical power source for your work truck. They are noisy, smelly, require regular maintenance, add extra costs and they take up too much space. Our mobile power solutions for your work truck will eliminate all those issues, allowing you to work quieter and later in residential areas so your team can get the job done. Our low profile inverters and inverter/chargers are all UL458 certified for mobile applications, so you do not have to worry. Use our mobile power systems to power your water pumps, recharge handheld tools, add area lighting for night work, and even power sewer cameras and air compressors.

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We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free standard warranty. We've got that. Ours is the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

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Our Warranty

We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free standard warranty. We've got that. Ours is the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

Complete OEM Line-Up

Want a battery designed to meet the growing stop/start demands of today’s vehicles? Our batteries are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all manufacturers, domestic and import.

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With many locations from Coast to Coast and an extensive network of dealers in every Canadian community large and small – no matter where you go in Canada, we have you covered.

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