Everyone knows a starting battery will get you going, but transit busses need deep cycle batteries to keep them going. A deep cycle battery bank will power key-off draws like the fare box, signboard, interior lighting, GPS and more. Putting less pressure on your starting battery, eliminating the need for jump-starts due to dead batteries and increasing efficiency. We know reliability and efficiency are important to you, so make sure you’re installing Canada Proof Batteries. 


Transit vehicle batteries originally designed solely for starting are increasingly burdened with auxiliary loads for everything from fare boxes, GPS, destination boards, lighting and heating to air conditioning and security CCT V systems. In addition, voluntary and mandated efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy are resulting in greater numbers of transit vehicles being equipped with start-stop or anti-idle engine systems.

Start-stop engines automatically shut off when the vehicle is at idle during pick-ups and drop-offs and restart when the driver ’s foot leaves the brake pedal saving fuel and reducing emissions. During this time, the energy needed to power the vehicles total electrical system is provided by the battery rather than the engine alternator.

While this saves fuel and reduces emissions, batteries now support tens of thousands of starts annually vs. a few hundred a few short years ago and are required to support hundreds of millions of micro-cycles as electrical loads run off of the battery instead of the engine and unlike in the past when batteries were maintained in a fully charged state and charged over time, vehicle batteries today are constantly operated in a partial state of charge and must support rapid recharging between engine on-off periods. This requires traditional starting batteries to be upgraded and in some cases the addition of auxiliary battery banks to supply the key-off off loads to guard against Monday morning no-starts.

Top 10 Canada Proof™ Transit Batteries

A sample of popular part numbers for this application.

BCI (DIN) Part Number CCA @ 0°F (-18°C) CA @ 0°C RC @ 25A Volts Commercial Warranty (months) Free
Voltage converters for transit bus applications
Model Voltage - Input Voltage - Output Output - Current Design Features
SP-21060C00 24 12 60 IP67, High Current Converter
SP-21060E00 24 12 60 IP67, High Current Converter
SP-21080E00 24 12 80 IP67, High Current Converter/Equalizer
SP-21100E00 24 12 100 IP67, High Current Converter/Equalizer

Battery Equalizers and converters maintain battery balance or "equalization" in predominately 24V systems that require 12 V power. These units can deliver up to 100 amps of continuous 12V current for practically any 12V load ranging from fare boxes, destination boards, two way radios, and transmission controls to engine controls, lighting, heating and air conditioning.

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