Commercial Truck Batteries

Our lineup of heavy-duty commercial batteries is designed for extreme performance. Whether you’re starting a bus, using an excavator or hauling cross-country, our batteries exceed the toughest industry standards for starting power, deep cycle capacity and charge recovery in Canada’s harshest environments. Our Canada Proof line is available in flooded or maintenance-free and always backed by the best warranty around.

Pick your Group 31 Canada Proof™ Battery

  • Starting Batteries - Sole purpose is starting the engine
  • Used in truck and heavy duty equipment applications

Recommended Battery: GA31S

  • Hybrid Batteries Combination starting & cycling
  • Used in applications where the battery pack will power key-off auxiliary loads

Recommended Battery: PT31S-B

  • Hybrid AGM – Combination starting & cycling battery
  • Require zero maintenance
  • Can be installed in enclosed containers as they do not off-gas and will not corrode connectors and cables

Recommended Battery: G31SAGM

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Our Commercial Batteries Offer:
  • Vibration resistant construction
  • Heavy duty cycle life
  • Heavy duty commercial grids
  • Lifting handles available with most part numbers
  • Sealed maintenance-free, and AGM types available
  • Copious cold cranking amp and reserve capacity ratings for dependable engine starting and longer lasting power delivery
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Class 8 Truck

Abide by North American anti-idling laws, while bringing all the creature comforts of home to your sleeper, with our mobile power solutions. Xantrex inverters provide the ability to recharge batteries when shore power is available, and they are all UL458 certified for mobile applications. It’s important to us that you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re hauling your class 8 across the country so make sure you have AC power on the go or whenever shore power is unavailable. Here are just a few examples of what you can power with your mobile system: gaming console, microwave, satellite TV, heated blanket, coffee maker, laptop, printer, and your sleep apnea machine.

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Our Warranty

We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free standard warranty. We've got that. Ours is the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

Complete OEM Line-Up

Want a battery designed to meet the growing stop/start demands of today’s vehicles? Our batteries are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all manufacturers, domestic and import.

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With over 20 locations from Coast to Coast and an extensive network of dealers in every Canadian community large and small – no matter where you go in Canada, we have you covered.

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