These are complex inverters that convert DC battery power into AC power, they will also recharge batteries from the AC grid or other generator sources and will feed AC power back into the grid or reduce power consumed from the grid during peak energy periods by using power from the batteries. Rely on Canadian Energy to be your one-stop shop for battery based hybrid inverter/chargers. From Schneider Electric, the most bankable solar equipment manufacturer in the world, the Conext SW and Conext XW+ inverter/chargers are your go to solution for off-grid, micro-grid, net metering, and backup power solutions.With the Conext line of inverter/chargers, the solutions and features are endless including peak shaving, generator support, and AC Coupling.  Also available are extensive accessories including distribution panels, generator start modules, battery monitoring, and industry leading connectivity with the Conext Combox.



Power (W)

AC Output (V)

DC Input (V)

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