Mobility Scooter Batteries

Yep, we have that! If you have a mobility or power scooter, we’ve got your battery in stock. From our own Canada proof line to the reliable and maintenance-free Discover Dry Cell Traction batteries, nobody carries more batteries or chargers for this application across Canada. If you need to get where you’re going safely, depend on Canada 

Introducing Guts & Volts

Our Guts & Volts Program is a suggested bundle of products that work and function together to prolong the life of your electric equipment. If all the suggested products are purchased together and installed in a piece of equipment, the setup will be entirely maintenance free, have data-logging capabilities and will allow for a warranty extension on your Discover Dry Cell Traction battery. To qualify for this awesome 2 year free replacement battery warranty, equipment must contain all elements of the Guts & Volts program including a Discover Dry Cell Traction battery and must be purchased and registered with Canadian Energy. Purchase and register your Guts & Volts system with us, today!

* To qualify : Equipment must contain all elements of Guts & Volts program including a Discover Dry Cell Traction battery and must be purchased from and registered with Canadian Energy

Eligible Applications
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Guts & VOLTS


Similar to the human body, all the components in the Guts & Volts program work together to support each other’s functionality; contributing to healthy operation, increased performance, and extended life of your battery-operated equipment.


Use a Discover EV Traction dry-cell battery in your system to ensure maximum performance and extended life

The battery is the HEART of the system giving life to all other elements


The proper charger and charging algorithm must be used for your batteries in order to ensure the optimal health of your system

The charger is the FUEL TO ENERGIZE your battery

Battery Maintainer

Battery sulfation is a wasting disease that claims the life of 80 percent of the batteries in use world-wide

Pulse technology helps prevent and reduce lead acid battery sulfation, extending battery life up to 5x

Like EXCERCISE, you need this to keep your battery healthy and happy


Ensure proper sizing of your cables to maximize charge efficiency and equipment performance

The Cables are like VEINS AND ARTERIES, carrying important information and energy throughout the system