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We may not have green thumbs, but we can make sure whether you’re buzzing, trimming, or cutting your lawn, your yard will turn some heads. Count on us to provide you with Canada Proof batteries to power all your landscaping tools. 

Top 10 Canada Proof™ Lawn & Garden Batteries

A sample of popular part numbers for this application.

BCI (DIN) Part Number CCA @ 0°F (-18°C) CA @ 0°C RC @ 25A
U1 GAU1 340 425 41
- None - CTX14-BS 200
U1 GBU1 250 290 30
U1R GAU1R 340 425 41
U1R GBU1R 250 290 30
U1 GAU1 340 425 41
- None - C50N18L-A 260
U1 GCU1 160 200 20
- None - 100X010
- None - C50N18L-A3 260
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Want a battery designed to meet the growing stop/start demands of today’s vehicles? Our batteries are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all manufacturers, domestic and import.

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