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Whether your next weekend adventure takes you across the country or to the lake, you want to bring the comforts of home on the go. That’s why we offer a total power solution for your RV including batteries, solar kits & parts, inverters & inverter/chargers and all the accessories. And with booking prices available 365 days a year you’ll always get the best value for your buck.


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Top 10 Canada Proof™ RV Batteries

A sample of popular part numbers for RV.

BCI (DIN) Part Number Volts CCA @ -18°C CA @ 0°C RC @ 25A AH @ 20HR Warranty
GC2 G2300 6 - - 440 220 24
24DC G24DC 12 550 750 140 77 18
27DC G27DC 12 675 840 180 100 18
31DC G31DC 12 675 840 210 115 18
GC2 EVGC6A-A 6 - - 475 220 36
27DC EV27A-A 12 690 - 155 100 36
31DC EV31A-A 12 785 - 235 115 36
24MS GX24M 12 800 1000 135 - 12
27MS GX27M 12 800 1000 180 - 24
24MS GB24M 12 500 625 95 - 24
Power Conversion Options
Type Model / Brand Part Number
Inverter Xantrex PROwatt SW 1000 806-1210
Inverter Xantrex Xpower 813-1500-UL
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom HF 1800 806-1840
Inverter Xantrex PROwatt SW 2000 806-1220
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom SW 2012 815-2012
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom SW 3012 815-3012-01
Inverter / Charger Xantrex Freedom HFS 2055 807-2055
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RV Renewable Energy

As Canadians, we love to enjoy the outdoors without limits. From Fenelon Falls to Florida, from Tofino to Tuscon. Wherever your next adventure awaits, whether you are off the grid for a week, or like to watch movies by the lake, we want you to explore and relax without worry. Our mobile RV power solutions are designed to work in the real world, not just on paper or in ideal conditions. We carry the widest range of products you will ever need under one roof and we have you covered from Coast to Coast.

Our RV Solar Kits

Flexible power options for wherever you call home.


Affordable & Powerful


The Best Bang for your Buck


Copious Capability

Solar Charging.

Generate Power.

Charge your batteries so you can enjoy nature and all your conveniences.




Battery Bank.

Store your power.

Be sure your batteries are Canada Proof.

**Batteries not included in kits.

100 – 200 AH

200 – 400 AH

400 – 600 AH

Power Conversion.

Use Your Power.

Power at your fingertips when you really need it.

Convert DC to AC power by adding an inverter or inverter/charger to your kit.

Light Use


Medium Use


Heavy Use


*Wattage level on panels is subject to change. RVALG / RVALG-INV RVBAN / RVBAN-INV RVCAR / RVCAR-INV

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s brand of off-grid inverters, the Conext SW and XW, are there to meet all your off-grid and back-up power needs. Now with the Conext Combox, the power to monitor and control your system remotely is at your fingertips.

Discover Energy

Discover is a manufacturer of batteries for worldwide distribution, who works with world-leading manufacturers to supply advanced battery technology. Discover's insight, combined with their extensive market knowledge, drives them to innovate and optimize battery technology for worldwide distribution through a trusted network of partners. Their superior products work to eliminate user related issues, reduce maintenance costs, and provide measurable productivity and performance gains while meeting the world's demand for quality power within lower economic and environmental footprints.

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