First Responder Batteries

In this application, reliability and efficiency is everything. We have the starting batteries to get you going, and deep cycle batteries and mobile power systems to run all of your critical onboard monitoring equipment. Rely on Canada Proof for your emergency vehicle application so you can focus on saving lives, knowing your vehicle will always perform at its best.

Our systems provide mobile power for all the AC electrical equipment in your first response vehicle. They also have the ability to keep batteries in a fully charged state when the vehicle is parked and shore power applied. All our inverter options are UL458 certified and KKK-A1822 compliant. Let us power the ventilation, incubator and monitoring equipment so you can focus on saving lives and not the equipment in your vehicle.

First Responder
Part Number Brand Output Watts Wave Form Charger
806-1020 Freedom HF 1000 1000 Modified Sine Inverter / Charger
806-1055 Freedom HF 1055 1000 Modified Sine Inverter / Charger
806-1840 Freedom HF 1800 1800 Modified Sine Inverter / Charger
817-1050 Freedom HFS 1000 1000 Pure Sine Inverter / Charger
817-2080 Freedom HFS 2000 2000 Pure Sine Inverter / Charger
815-2012 Freedom SW 2012 2000 Pure Sine Inverter / Charger
815-3012 Freedom SW 3012 3000 Pure Sine Inverter / Charger

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We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle free warranty. We’ve got that. Whether its our standard 42 month free replacement, or our 5 year extended platinum warranty, it’s the best in the business and it will follow them wherever they go.

EV Separators & Isolators
Part Number Description Capacity Type
SP-1314-200 Battery Separator 200 Amp Uni Directional
SP-1315-200 Battery Separator 200 Amp Bi Directional
SP-3002 Battery Isolator 300 Amp Uni Directional
SP-24023A Battery Isolator 240 Amp Uni Directional
EV Starting Batteries
Part Number Group Size CCA CA R/C
G6572 65 850 1050 150 Wet / Flooded
GH672 H6 (48) 730 70 AH 115 Wet / Flooded
GH872 H8 (49) 900 95 AH 160 Wet / Flooded
G65AGM 65 750 68 AH 120 AGM
GH8AGM H8 (49) 900 95 AH 160 AGM
EV Auxillary Deep Cycle Batteries
Part Number Group Size A/H R/C Brand
G27DC 27 NA 180 Canadian Energy Wet / Flooded
G31DC 31 NA 210 Canadian Energy Wet / Flooded
EV27A-A 27 100 195 Discover AGM
EV31A-A 31 115 235 Discover AGM
31-PC2150S 31 100 205 Odyssey AGM
8014-045 34/78 55 120 Optima AGM
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Industry leading technology

Not all black boxes are created equal – not by a long shot. Our unique wrought punched grid construction outlasts conventional batteries and will provide more power, longer, in the most extreme conditions. Accept no substitute.

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Want a battery designed to meet the growing stop/start demands of today’s vehicles? Our batteries are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all manufacturers, domestic and import.

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With many locations from Coast to Coast and an extensive network of dealers in every Canadian community large and small – no matter where you go in Canada, we have you covered.