A gelled electrolyte or "gel" battery is sealed using special pressure valves making it completely maintenance-free, much like an AGM battery, and can be operated in virtually any position. But where an AGM battery uses glass mat fibers to trap the electrolyte, gel batteries use athixotropic gel. The gel inside a gelled electrolyte battery has the appearance and consistency of petroleum jelly. The "acid-starved" condition of gel batteries protects the plates during heavy deep discharges, making them ideal for renewable energy applications. They are often referred to as “solar batteries” for that very reason.

Tubular Gel batteries provide maximum efficiency per discharge-charge cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, or unstable power installations. The proven cycle and float of Discover Advanced Tubular Plate technology, combined with maintenance-free needs, provides end users with the lowest overall cost of ownership versus other high quality lead acid batteries designed for stationary and renewable energy applications where solar power storage is required.



Amp Hour (100 HR)

Battery Volts

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