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Personal Watercraft

Whether you need a starting battery or one to run your stereo, depth sounder and GPS navigation we have the battery for that for your PWC. We can also hook you up with a battery charger.


Get a reliable battery that can hold a charge in the cold. We also carry battery chargers and maintainers to keep your battery topped up in between outings

ATV/ Side by Side

We have batteries to start and run your lightbar, stereo and winch on your off-road toy. Once you’ve cleaned off the dirt, connect one of our battery chargers or maintainers to keep your battery charged for the next adventure.


We have batteries for all motorcycles form a large cruiser to modern crotch rockets. We can also recommend the right charger or maintainer to keep your battery charged up for the next time you get the call from the open road.

CTX20L-BS Battery

CCA: 270
AH @ 10HR: 18

12 V
CTX14-BS Battery

CCA: 200
AH @ 10HR: 12

12 V
CTX30L-BS Battery

CCA: 385
AH @ 10HR: 28

12 V
CTX20HL-BS Battery

CCA: 310
AH @ 10HR: 18

12 V
CTX14AH-BS Battery

CCA: 210
AH @ 10HR: 12

12 V
CTX12-BS Battery

CCA: 180
AH @ 10HR: 10

12 V
CVT14 Battery

CCA: 240
AH @ 10HR: 14

12 V
CVT16 Battery

CCA: 325
AH @ 10HR: 22

12 V
CVT20L Battery

CCA: 320
AH @ 10HR: 20

12 V
CVT30L Battery

CCA: 450
AH @ 10HR: 30

12 V
Battery Chargers & Power Supplies

Battery Chargers & Power Supplies

Best warranty guaranteed

The Best Standard Warranty in Canada - Period.

We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free standard warranty. We've got that. Ours is the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

Industry leading technology

Not all black boxes are created equal – not by a long shot. Our unique wrought punched grid construction outlasts conventional batteries and will provide more power, longer, in the most extreme conditions. Accept no substitute.

Complete OEM Line-Up

Want a battery designed to meet the growing stop/start demands of today’s vehicles? Our batteries are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all manufacturers, domestic and import.

Responsive Distribution

With many locations from Coast to Coast and an extensive network of dealers in every Canadian community large and small – no matter where you go in Canada, we have you covered.

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