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Just like your driver, we have batteries that go the distance. From our full line of flooded and maintainable 6, 8 and 12V batteries from US Battery to our proprietary sealed and maintenance-free Discover EV AGM batteries. We have the options you need to maximize performance, reduce overall cost, and minimize hassle. Install Canada Proof Batteries in your golf cart so you can get back to fixing that slice and not your ride.

Top 10 Canada Proof™ Golf Cart Batteries

A sample of popular part numbers for this application.

BCI (DIN) Part Number Volts RC @ 25A RC @ 27A AH @ 20HR Free Replacement Warranty
GC2 G2300 6V 440 122 220 6
GC8 G8VGC 8V 335 90 170 6
GC2 US 2200XC 6V 474 122 232 6
GC2 US 125XC 6V 517 198 242 6
GC2H US 145XC 6V 562 216 251 6
GC8 US 8VGCXC 8V 337 90 170 6
GC12 US 12VXC 12V 292 77 155 6
GC2 EVGC6A-A 6V 475 125 220 12
GC2H EVGT6A-A 6V 575 155 260 12
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