Solar Stationary

Discover Energy Systems AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are built with high-quality cells and an advanced BMS, they offer excellent peak power, rapid charge/discharge rates, and can operate in a Partial State of Charge without performance loss. These batteries are maintenance-free, support 100% depth of discharge, boast up to 98% round-trip efficiency, and come with an unlimited cycle 10-year warranty. Easy plug-and-play installation with leading off-grid inverters, using the LYNK II Communication Gateway, enhances communication and scalability, making them suitable for various solar and stationary energy storage projects.

Utility EV

Discover Energy Systems AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries enhance productivity in electric vehicles, offering a substantial reduction in total cost of ownership. Featuring advanced BMS technology, AES batteries provide superior peak power and fast charge/discharge rates, exceeding automotive standards for ESD resilience. They support inrush current demands of electric motors and can operate continuously in a partial state of charge without performance degradation. Integration with system controls and industrial chargers is simplified through CAN bus communications using the LYNK II Communication Gateway, elevating the performance of semi-traction machines.



Nominal Energy (kWh)

Amp Hour (1 HR)

Maximum Volts (DC)

Minimum Volts (DC)

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