Our Story

In 1987, two brothers opened up a battery   shop in Lethbridge, Alberta. They quickly discovered that most battery manufacturers were using a one-size-fits-all approach to getting their customers   to move product. They were being supplied   but not supported, and they knew it wasn’t right.

So, these 2 brothers set out to change that old way of thinking. With the help of family and friends, within a span of 3 years they opened 10 locations across Western Canada forming partnerships with distributors and installers the old fashioned way. They believed in the simple notion that when their customers did well - they did well. 

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Our Canada Proof Batteries are built for Canada’s most extreme conditions. They provide the most long-term value for your business and customers and are available coast-to-coast from any of our many branches or 10,000+ dealers.

What is Canada Proof?
Our People

We’re a team of honest, humble and hungry people obsessed with providing our customers the best stored & renewable energy solutions. We’re excessively curious, passionately Canadian and relentlessly supportive.

Our Country

Our Canada Proof promise is to provide products that work with the environment, not against it. We owe it to our children, and their children to power a greener future.

No Excuses

We are committed to working together, with your team, increasing your market share, revenue and competitive advantage. When you do well, we do well.

Our Hassle-free Warranty

Your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free warranty. We’ve got it, it’s the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

Our Responsive &
Reliable Distribution

Our team of country-wide road warriors is fighting the fight for our customers every day. Prince Rupert BC to St. John’s Newfoundland, yup, we go there.

Built for Canada's Most
Extreme Conditions

For all life’s great adventures, our batteries go wherever you go, count on Canada Proof.

Core Values

Culture Code

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