Flooded Lead Acid Starting - S22N50 - Starting, Lighting & Ignition Batteries

* Actual terminal may differ from image shown

Flooded Lead Acid Starting

  • Pure Calcium Lead Alloy / Maintenance Free Design for long life performance
  • Stamped Grid Design / Optimizes the flow of current for consistent power over the life of the battery
  • Structurally Strong Grid Design / Superior reliable and dependable quick starts
  • Clean Construction / Uses 20% less energy and releases 20% lower greenhouse gas emissions than other manufacturing methods
  • OEM Design / Original Equipment Manufactured specifications for precise application; fit, form & function
Part Number (CE): S22N50
Part Number (BCI): 22NF
Battery Volts: 12V
Cranking Amps: 490
Cold Cranking Amps: 390
Reserve Capacity MInutes: 62
Personal Warranty: 12
Commercial Warranty: 3
Dimensions Imperial: 9.4 x 5.5 x 9.0
Dimensions Metric: 239 x 140 x 229