Turn off that noisy diesel generator. Reduce your total energy costs by going solar.  Make your holiday home Canada Proof with our reliable off-grid power solutions.

Leverage our robust experience in renewable energy systems.


Canadian Energy offers the Conext XW+ and Conext SW hybrid inverters that specialize in off-grid applications. You get powerful load-starting capabilities and the ability to have your solar system fully power your cottage, reducing diesel fuel costs and increasing the reliability of your electrical supply. With the Conext line of MPPT charge controllers you get an efficient and economic way to store the energy from your solar array with DC and AC-coupling capabilities.

Worried about Site Visits?

Monitor all your installations with Conext Insight. This is a web application offered by Schneider Electric that allows you to monitor and perform diagnostics systems remotely. Add value to your installations and reduce your time on-site visits.

Solar Energy from Rooftop Panel Usage

  1. Solar Panels - Solar panels installed on your cottage to generate electricity

  2. Generator - The sun isn’t always shining, so for emergencies, it is advised to use a generator

  3. Charge Controller - The solar charge controller uses electricity from the sun to charge the battery bank

  4. Battery Bank - The battery bank stores electrical energy. We carry a complete line of long-life deep-cycle batteries tailored to fit your needs

  5. Inverter-Charger - The Schneider Conext line of inverter-chargers takes electricity stored in the batteries & generator to power your loads

  6. Conext Combox - The Schneider Conext Combox allows for real-time monitoring of your system and data logging so you can track how your system is performing. Perfect for installers or energy-wise users

  7. Power to Loads - The inverter-charger provides electricity to your cottage, bringing the convenience of home to your cottage

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